Wellness center l’Orée du Bois

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Welcome to the wellness center L’Orée du Bois.

For a few hours or days, let go and enjoy a sensory experience inspired by nature and soil.
Our spa offers nearly 500 square yards of well-being moments.

The “Aqualis”

Inside the “Aqualis”, take your time to take advantage of the jacuzzi and the multisensory space (sauna, hammam and sensory showers).

The relaxing room and “tisanerie”

 wellness center l oree du bois detenteHave a nap “Under Oaks” and taste one of our finely selected herb teas.
Before or after a care, or a session in the “Aqualis”, this comfy space is dedicated to the peace of mind and the tranquillity.


Cares and modellings (massages)

wellness center l oree du bois massageExperiment a modelling or a care in our theme cabins: the White Deer, 4 Seasons, and Cheek to cheek.
According to your need or desires, choose among stimulating modelling to bring dynamism and vitality, or relaxing modelling to solve and limit tensions.