Welcome in the Renoir museum, place of immersion and shows about the Renoir family, visitors are going to discover the village which the artist liked so much. Then, they will go to the art studio of Pierre Auguste Renoir. From his paintings to his studio, visitors will discover the exhibition around Renoir’s “taste for the others” and the impressionistic garden which surrounds the art studio.


At the end of the visit, they can complete their discovery of the world of Renoir family by traveling one of the four marked path of hiking trails. They will admire the landscapes there which Renoir reproduced on its paintings. Some reproductions mark out circuits.


The small Champagne city changes into artists’ village where visitors are invited to go inside the world of the artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919).

They discover first of all the Renoir museum with a permanent exhibition and a room of shows dedicated to the family, then they pass by the “discovery tour” of the village which leads them to the art studio by a flowery garden.

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03 25 29 10 94

Du Côté des Renoir
9 Place de la Mairie
10360 Essoyes

Informations pratiques

Visite de l’Espace des Renoir, jardin, atelier et maison des Renoir durée 2h environ,
Visite du jardin, atelier et maison des Renoir durée environ 1h.

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