Discover the House of one of the masters of Impressionism Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841-1919) in Essoyes in Champagne, the Village of Renoir.

Welcomed first at the Espace Renoir, visitors will discover through the projection of a film and the permanent exhibition on the Renoir family how the painter became fond of this small village where he spent almost 30 summers.

With the “Renoir course”, in the heart of the village, visitors will take their steps in those of Renoir to discover the village. They will pass in front of Gabrielle’s house, her muse, cross the Ource the charming river that runs through Essoyes and has often inspired the painter, they will arrive and the other site Renoir. They will return in the intimacy of the Renoir family by visiting the Renoir House and its original works, the painter’s studio and the gardens to conclude their journey with the visit of the family burials at the cemetery.

Indeed, Auguste Renoir loved the village so much, that the painter, his wife Aline (from Essoyes), and their three sons, Pierre the actor, Jean the filmmaker and Claude said Coco, the ceramist born in Essoyes are all there buried.

At the end of the visit, they will complete their discovery of the world of Renoir by walking along one of the four marked hiking trails. They will admire the landscapes that Renoir has reproduced on his canvases. Some reproductions punctuate the circuits.

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