15 km from the Abbey of Clairvaux, away from the village, the operator of Champagne Monial introduces you to champagne and its history since the 12th century.

You will discover in the Champagne Monial the remains of theformer press center of the Cistercian monks. And your eyes will no doubt be drawn to the majestic stained glass window of the chapel.

During the visit, you will learn that the family that has owned the place for four generations has perpetuated the know-how and traditions while adding a touch of modernity, especially in the winery. The 600 m2 cellar remains a highlight of the visit.

Unique in Champagne, it is classified as a historical monument. The two Oculus (opening to the top of a vault) bear witness to the monks’ ancestral methods. They were running upstairs and the must was dumped directly into the cellars thanks to these holes.

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