Make an unforgettable flight!

Different formulas:
First flights, comfortably installed, admire the most beautiful landscapes!
Flight initiation flights, take commands!

Discover the Lac du Der, the Great Lakes of Aube, the Natural Park of the Forêt d’Orient, the vineyard aubois, Nigloland, Troyes and all around, but also many other destinations.

On arrival, you will choose your machine, pendulum or multiaxis, flight equipment is provided, the flight is commented and you can keep the photos or video of your flight.
You can also decide on a circuit at your convenience!

It’s up to you to choose the device that suits you best:

ULM Pendulum
Incredible feeling, the flight in the open air like a bird … with a max of sensations!

ULM Multiaxe
What fun, the discovery of comfortably installed landscapes, plus there is heating!

Tandem Paramotor
The fun! we fly slowly and lower it gives fantastic perspectives!

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